Jazz Trumpet Etudes




Product Code: JTE
Author: Greg Fishman
Publisher: Greg Fishman

by Greg Fishman as played by Wayne Bergeron!

These jazz etudes are lyrical, fun to play, and will help trumpet players understand voice-leading and jazz phrasing. Greg Fishman has done a great job of keeping the range of these etudes accessible for all players. The top note found in this book is an “A” above the staff, which is well within the range of developing trumpeters.

These etudes lay well on the trumpet, but there are also challenging intervals and fingerings that will make even the most accomplished player take a second look. I like the idea of thinking outside the comfort zone for a particular instrument. Aside from the technical challenges found in these etudes, the player will also learn about solo development, melodic phrasing, variations on a theme, and leading tones. We need to challenge our skill-set on a regular basis if we are to go to the next level. Once these lines feel comfortable, smooth and swinging, you’ll most likely find the typical jazz or big band trumpet literature much more fun and interesting.

"I hope you’ll enjoy playing these etudes as much as I enjoyed recording them. Many thanks to Greg Fishman for helping all of us get to the next level!
–– Wayne Bergeron