Let's Play Jazz & More * Primer

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Book & CD




Product Code: LPJP
Author: Jay Latulippe
Publisher: Santorella Publications
ISBN-13: 9781590000000
ISBN-10: 1585603864
Publisher SKU: TS286
UPC-A: 649571000000
Instrumentation: Easy Piano

Let’s Play Jazz & More by Jay Latulippe and Sonny Doss is quickly gaining ground on all the generic methods in the market. Many piano teachers settle into one particular series because they have become familiar with it over time and truly because there is very little difference between them. Let’s Play Jazz & More is set apart from the rest. This is not your typical classic approach to beginning piano, this series is actually fun. Students will be improvising, composing, arranging and reading in no time. Teachers with any musical background can easily implement the techniques in this best-selling Santorella Publication. The companion CD has a full-band with jazz, rock, blues and even reggae arrangements which makes the lesson materials exciting and easy to grasp. By using familiar music and soundtracks, the student will look forward to practicing and be anxious to learn each style that follows. The concepts introduced in Let’s Play Jazz & More Primer are continued, developed and supplemented in Books 1, 2 & 3. You’ll see your student’s eyes light up as they gain a deeper understanding of blues progressions while developing reading, improvisation & rhythm skills. Also ideal for private study or group format.

Primer Edition Includes: Finger Numbers - Keyboard - Let’s Get Started - Jammin’ - Improvisation - Mary Had a Little Lamb - Old MacDonald had a Farm - Learning the Keyboard - Walking the Bases - Yankee Doodle - Bayou Beat - The Staff - Bass Clef Rap - Mountain Biking - Grand Staff - Birdland Rock - Ode to Joy - Blues Shuffle - Smooth - Aura Lee - Composing - Get Up! - Peanut Butter - Jelly - Peanut Butter & Jelly - Power Rock - Rhythm Page - Comp Song - So Cool - Surfs Up! - Always Blue - G Position - Jamaican Bobsledders - Dance! Dance! - 8th note page - Standing in the Need of Prayer - F Position - Jingle Bells - When the Saints Go Marchin’ In - Scales & Chords - Aunt Rhodie - Transposition & Paper - Pistachios - Crossword Puzzle - Certificate of Achievement.