Melodic Interpretation for the Drumset






Product Code: MIFD
Author: Carlos Ezequiel
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 13024

“Melodic Interpretation for the Drumset”, written by my friend Carlos Ezequiel, brings us a new approach to the drums by showing possibilities of connecting melodic and rhythmic phrases, creating innovative embellishments and counterpoint. I believe that this book will be of great help not only to drummers, but to all musicians! (Nenê)

Carlos Ezequiel is one of the greatest musicians of the new generation of Brazilian drummers and his style is technically perfect, powerful and truly melodic. In “Melodic Interpretation for the Drumset”, he shares his great knowledge with us in a concise, practical, and easy to follow extension. Now, the drummers have a real way to develop a new concept to play musical drums. (Sergio Gomes)

This thoughtful and handy book by Carlos Ezequiel is a welcome addition to the library of any drum teacher or student concerned with the aesthetic quality of his or her playing. It goes beyond most methods and exercise books by offering insights into manners of turning one’s playing more interesting and, in the final analysis, more musical. (Bob Wyatt)

Language: english & spanish


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