17 Duets for Two Flutes (Hal McCusick) (minus Flute)






Product Code: MMOCD3377
Author: Hal McKusick
Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-736-1
ISBN-10: 1-59615-736-4
Publisher SKU: MMOCD3377
UPC-A: 77712333771
Instrumentation: Flute

Performed by Hal McCusick, flute

Join Hal McKusick in a 'pop' collection of original student jazz duets. You can play either the top or bottom part in alternation with Hal. A challenge in close harmony playing.

Includes a high-quality printed music book with both parts; and a CD containing accompaniments to both the minus 1st and minus 2nd duet parts.


Chamber Music 1968
Chinatown after Hours
Drawing Room Music With a Beat
Harmonic, Rhythmic Study
Jazzed Up Strauss
Music to Get Your Jollies By
Just for Swinging
For Lovers
More Big Band
Pretty Music
For Sheep Herders Day
A Psychedelic Trip
Triplet Study
For When Your Wife Gets Tired of All That Jazz

If a soloist is heard on the demonstration audio clip, a complete reference version is also on the included CD, along with the separate background music for your play-along usage.