The Isle of Orleans (minus Piano)






Product Code: MMOCD6029
Author: Tom McDermott
Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-108-6
ISBN-10: 1-59615-108-0
Publisher SKU: MMOCD6029
UPC-A: 77712360296
Instrumentation: Piano

Performed by Tom McDermott, piano

Native son Tim Laughlin decided he wanted to create in the style, but not necessarily using the tried and true classics, of the “Crescent City.” So he assembled an extraordinary band of players, all veterans of the music, wrote a collection of new songs, and produced this extraordinary album. It won First Prize as the Best Jazz Album created in Louisiana in 2003 by Offbeat Magazine.

Tim graciously made this album available to Music Minus One, remixing the music to omit the key players, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass and drums for some of the most delectable play-alongs we offer in our catalogue. This is music rich in tradition but new to your ears. This music isn’t easy but then again, to modern players, it may be, as they’ll be able to negotiate the charts provided.

We’ve provided audio samples of each song. This is music for the ages, guaranteed to pleasure players from ten to ninety. The personnel of this band is extraordinary as you can see, and the music they make together has to be experienced.

Listen, can you hear that band?

Includes newly engraved solo charts, with additional sample piano choruses, printed on acid-free, ivory paper; and two compact discs featuring complete versions of each tune, plus a recording of the accompaniments minus the soloist. Also includes slow-tempo versions of most up-tempo pieces for practice purposes.


Blues for Faz
Crescent City Moon
Gentilly Strut
Isle of Orleans
I Know I'll See You Again
It's My Love Song to You
Magnolia Dance
Monkey Hill
Restless Heart
Suburban St. Parade

If a soloist is heard on the demonstration audio clip, a complete reference version is also on the included CD, along with the separate background music for your play-along usage.