Timeless - The Music of John Abercrombie






Product Code: MOJA
Author: John McNeil & Lolly Bienenfeld
Publisher: Gazong Press
ISBN-13: 9780974854434
Instrumentation: Guitar

A fantastic collection of songs from the masterful John Abercrombie. Each tune features a written commentary by John. Includes:

From the album Timeless (ECM, 1975):

• Timeless
• Ralph's Piano Waltz

From the album Gateway 2 (ECM, 1978):

• Sing Song

From the album Abercrombie Quartet (ECM, 1980):

• Blue Wolf
• Foolish Door

From the album Five Years Later (ECM, 1981):

• Child's Play

From the album Getting There (ECM, 1988):

• Upon a Time
• Remember Hymn
• Labour Day

From the album While We're Young (ECM, 1992):

• A Matter of Time
• Scomotion

From the album November (ECM, 1993):

• J.S.
• John's Waltz

From the album Open Land (ECM, 1999):

• Open Land
• Just in Tune
• Spring Song
• Speak Easy
• That's For Sure

From the album Cat 'N' Mouse (ECM, 2002):

• Convolution
• A Nice Idea
• Soundtrack
• On The Loose
• Stop and Go

From the album Class Trip (ECM, 2004):

• Dansir
• Cat Walk
• Jack and Betty
• Class Trip

From the album A Nice Idea (ECM, 2005):

• Jazz Folk

From the album Brand New (Challenge, 2005):

• Take Four

From the album The Third Quartet (ECM, 2007):

• Vingt Six
• Wishing Bell

From the album Wait Till You See Her (ECM, 2009):

• Sad Song

From the album Five On One (Pirouet, 2010):

• Retractable Cell

From the album Within A Song (ECM,2012):

• Nick of Time

Also includes a discography.