COMMONER Music Stand by Portastand




Product Code: PAS-COM

What am I looking at here?, you might be thinking. Is it a Troubadour without the bells & whistles, or a Minstrel that just had a growth spurt? While the Commoner is undoubtedly caught in the kind of whirling, complicated coming-of-age emotional turmoil that makes for bestselling biopics and Academy Awards, there are a couple ways you can look at it:

1. It’s a Troubadour without the nylon cover or Wind Resistors.
2. It’s a Minstrel that’s trying out for the basketball team.

Either way, we know you’ll be pleased with its solid durability, larger Troubadour-sized desk, sharp-looking paint job, and classic no-frills portability. Just like the Minstrel, the 17″ tripod is held to the front desk lip by our E-Z secure straps for easy transport. But just like the Troubadour, the 21″-wide metal desk is large enough for 2-3 full pages of sheet music. And best yet, the Commoner maintains all the compatibility with Portastand accessories that you can expect from our full line of stands. So whether you’re dressing down or stepping up, the Commoner is the perfect next step. INCLUDES:

Commoner all-metal desktop & tripod
Removable shoulder strap
E-Z secure straps for super-fast breakdown
An unshakeable tolerance for questionable road-trip playlists

Desk Dimensions: 21″ x 14″
Height Range: 24″ to 58″
Shelf Lip Depth: 1 3/4″
Adjustable desk angle of 180 degrees
Tripod collapses down to 17″