Playing On The Changes - Bass Clef






Product Code: POTC-BC
Author: Bob Mintzer
Publisher: Alfred Music
Series: Belwin Jazz Play-Along Series
ISBN-13: 9781470623203
ISBN-10: 147062320X
Publisher SKU: 00-43727
UPC-A: 038081499949
Instrumentation: Bass Clef Instruments

Playing on the Changes features 13 jazz etudes through the various chord qualities found in standards and jazz tunes in all 12 keys. Areas covered include major 7th chords, minor 7th chords, dominant 7th chords (Mixolydian, altered dominant, and half-whole diminished), minor ii (flat-5) chords, tritone substitutions, and a variety of progressions using all of the above. Bob Mintzer has written out etude solos that traverse the changes in a way that familiarizes you with the sound of each harmonic setting. Each etude is modeled after ideas---such as melodic and rhythmic patterns that create continuity---and singable melodies that he recommends using when improvising through the chord changes.

Using the TNT 2 software, listen to and analyze the etudes, and by removing Mintzer's saxophone from the mix, you can then practice and play these harmonic exercises on your own with a stellar rhythm section. The amazing TNT 2 software allows you to slow down the tempo, too!


Dorian with Changes on the End
Major 7th Exercise