PSD450mkII-32 Solid State/CD Audio Recorder System (32GB Model)




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The PSD450mkII-32 is Superscope's most advanced and easy-to-use portable digital audio recorder to date! Key features include...

• Built-in 32GB SSD. (Standard 16GB Version Available as PSD450mkII)
• Built-in CD Recorder
• Built-in standard USB port for direct connection of a USB Flash Drive or USB External Hard Drive for recording or playback
• Built-in peripheral USB port for direct virtual drive connection to PC or MAC computer
• Simultaneous Record to Internal SSD plus USB (Backup Copy)

Featuring EZ Guide, built-in operation guide will take you step-by-step through the most popular operations and settings. Includes step-by-step prompts for the following operations...

• Record
• Record with a Track/File
• Play a Track/File
• Import CD
• Duplicate CD
• Modify and Save File
• Copy file to USB
• Create/Record Playlist

Professional Audio Recording for Multiple Applications/Industries
The PSD450mkII is a perfect fit for recording and transcription applications found in Business, Government, Law Enforcement, House of Worship, Education, Conference, Health Care and Therapy. The full features, ease-of-use and short learning curve make it a perfect fit for both technical and non-technical users.

Long Recording Times
For court and meeting recordings, sermons/church services, conferences, interviews, surveillance and interrogations, lectures, therapy, etc, use the MP3 record setting for long recording sessions.

Simultaneous Back-up Recordings for Security and Efficiency
Record simultaneously to both the internal SSD (Solid State Drive) and to a USB flash drive to create a back-up or duplicate copy of the recording.

Sound on Sound Recording
The built-in overdub feature allows you to add addtional recordings to an existing song or track creating unlimited layers of sound-on-sound recordings. Enhance your recordings using the built-in Reverb, Delay and EQ effects or Edit using divide, combine and trim.

Produce Professional Recordings
Select 16 or 24 bit WAV recordings for "studio" quality reocordings, or choose MP3 record settings for use on websites, smartphones, mp3 players, or emailing to friends and collegues.

Music Practice Features
Adjustable Key & Tempo, Fine Tuning, Vocal Reduction and A-B Loop settings allow you to control the real-time playback of the original file for music pratice and transcription. Create custom pratice lessons for music educators and students and save to the SSD built-in storage, or to CD or USB for handouts. All great features for music teachers, musicians and vocalists.

All-in-One Portable Playback and Recording
The small weight and size of the PSD450mkII, along with batteriy operation, plus built-in microphones and speaker make the unit a truly portable recording and playback system. Just grab it and go.

Hands-Free Operation
Use of the optional latching foot pedal allows for hands free play/play pause or record/record pause. Great for music practice, meeting & business transcritpion or performace playback and recording. For even greater control, use the included full feature handheld wireless remote control.

Large Color Display for Easy Operation and Navigation
The large color display allows for clarity of files, features and operations as you navigate the units many features. Color coding assist the user in identifying devices and operations during use.

Quality Plus
The PSD450mkII is manufactured in Japan by our ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturing partner, keeping with the high quality and reliability Superscope has been producing for over 50 years!

NOTE: For orders outside the US and its territories, be sure to consult with your customs office about possible import taxes and tarriffs on electronic equipment. In some countries, it can be as high as 100%!
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