Pure Rhythm

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Book W/CD




Product Code: PURE
Author: Adam Rudolph
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 13285
UPC-A: 805095132854

by Adam Rudolph

This book is for the instrumentalist, composer, percussionist, student and music educator who aims to expand his or her understanding of rhythm and overall musicianship. It is an applied guide to the fundamentals of rhythm, presented step-by-step from the simple to the complex.

"As open and generous as the author himself, Pure Rhythm is an excellent and essential introduction to the world of rhythm. Presented step by step in a clear, intelligent and systematic format, this is a long overdue classic in the field." John Zorn

"I recommend this book highly for musicians, on all levels, as a means of nurturing their rhythmic creativity."
- Dr. Yusef Lateef

"Pure Rhythm provides an excellent and useful tool for those who wish to advance their knowledge of rhythm."
- Jack DeJohnette

"Rhythm, whether organized in terms of strict metric cycles or loosely defined as the durations of notes and rests in a given composition, has often intrigued and challenged music analysts. In this book, Adam Rudolph, a consummate performer and composer who is well versed in a variety of musical styles, navigates through the expansive domain of world rhythm and leads us deftly into what we may call, the "rhythm world." Here, a vast number of traditional beat patterns provide the groundwork for generating a remarkable array of metric variations and departures. Creative and imaginative, as well as exciting and mentally engaging, the approach makes the book and the accompanying audio material a tremendous training tool for music students and percussionists alike. The work is truly commendable."
- Ali Jihad Racy, Ph.D. - Professor of Ethnomusicology @ UCLA


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