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Ready, Aim, Improvise!

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Product Code: RAI
Author: Hal Crook
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-89221-060-3
Publisher SKU: 14217
UPC-A: 805095142174

by Hal Crook
Book/Online Audio

Exploring the Basics of Jazz Improvisation. 352 pages. As taught at Berklee College of Music, READY, AIM, IMPROVISE! explores the critical areas involved in learning how to improvise, including: music theory, jazz harmony, ear training, jazz execution, jazz vocabulary, practicing, self-critiquing, career planning, and much more. READY, AIM, IMPROVISE! is filled with musical examples, exercises and practice routines that help make the learning process easy and enjoyable. The audio tracks, available online, feature modal, key-area and modulating chord progressions performed at a slow, manageable tempo.

READY, AIM, IMPROVISE! is a clear, comprehensive study of the most important steps in a jazz musicians education. Dont be surprised if it gets you practicing more and playing better in no time at all! So get READY... AIM... IMPROVISE!

"If I had just enough money to buy only one book on jazz improvisation, Hal Crooks Ready, Aim, Improvise! would be it! Thats because this book contains the truth about jazz as I see it, and as I teach it myself."
- Clark Terry

"Hal Crook is one of the hidden treasures of our generation. No one that I have heard in the past 20 years comes close to his instrumental skills (seemingly effortless), his musicality, his swing and his grasp of the language of music and its possibilities for growth and expansion. That being said, this book comes as a double pleasure: written by someone who knows so well how to do it AND written by a player who has equal skill as a teacher, a writer and to me a most welcome sense of humor. I have never seen a book on improvisation that (1) made me envious, and (2) I intend to use for MY students as soon as I can lay hands on a copy."
- Bob Brookmeyer

"Hal Crooks latest masterpiece, Ready, Aim, Improvise!, is so well written, so intelligently structured, so meticulously detailed and so beautifully laced with humor, compassion, and wisdom that (in my opinion) no one will ever need to write a book on this particular topic again. Well, maybe in a hundred years..."
- Mick Goodrick


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