Rhythm Section Workshop for Jazz Directors - Supplemental Melody Book






Product Code: RSW-ME
Author: Shelly Berg, Lou Fischer, Fred Hamilton, and Steve Houghton
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0739037683
ISBN-10: 0739037684
Publisher SKU: 00-21985
UPC-A: 038081228464

by Hamilton, Fischer, Berg, and Houghton. The energy core of any jazz ensemble, the rhythm section radiates the groove, time and essence of the music. Each chapter includes an introduction of the style, a "clinics room" that includes performance tips of the genre and a play-along piece at the end that coincides with the CD and optional DVD. Included in this series are:

• Seven different jazz grooves including swing, bossa nova, rock, shuffle, samba, funk, and ballad
• Clarity and deference through adjusting your volume or knowing when not to play.
• How to keep time as a rhythm section
• How to comp effectively
• Reproducible pages in the student book.
• Optional Book of melodies transposed for horn players for when you are ready to add horns!