Running The Changes: The Definitive Guide to Jazz Improvisation for All Instruments

Book/Downloadable Tracks

Book/Downloadable Tracks




Product Code: RUN
Author: Mike Stinnel
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 9781705137277

By Mike Steinel

The world of jazz improvisation can be complex and intimidating to navigate for beginning and intermediate players, and Running the Changes is the perfect solution for this problem. Renowned performer, arranger/composer, author, and educator Mike Steinel (University of North Texas) guides you through the essentials of improvising over chord changes, giving you a concise and thorough approach that's easy to comprehend, regardless of your instrument or voice.

Topics covered include: Melodic paraphrase and quotation; using riffs; basic chord theory; ornamentation; chord tone soloing; scalar/modal soloing; bebop scales; advanced soloing with color tones and altered harmonies; exploring pentatonic and hexatonic scales (triad pairs); history and practice of jazz, post-Bebop era to the present; and more. In addition, the book includes play-along tracks for you to use in your own practice sessions. These tracks cover all major parts in the ensemble, including charts for C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef instruments, along with lead sheets for vocalists. 144 pages.