Slow Gold Transcriber - Windows Version






Product Code: SLOWW
Publisher: Hal Leonard
UPC-A: 073999732559

Become a better player or singer the fast, easy, fun way - by learning directly from the legendary performances that are already in your CD collection. These amazing Windows programs slow down any recorded music from any audio CD or other source with incredible fidelity, so you can hear and learn every note! SlowGold is for the serious musician, with many advanced features designed to delight those who like to learn from and play along with recordings.

SlowGold will run on a 486/66 with 12 MB of memory, but the highest-quality slowdown algorithms (there are 4 different algorithms giving you choices about the speed/quality tradeoff) will be rather slow on such a slow computer. A Pentium 166 will operate at pretty comfortable speeds, and of course faster is better. For the advanced features in version 7.x (real-time processing and pitch shifting), a minimum 300 MHz Pentium processor is required. You must also have a CD drive and a sound card. SlowGold will run on any of the Windows Operating Systems from Win95 and above.