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Scat's My Bag - Song Lyrics Storybook, Coloring Book, Drawing Book + CD

Book + CD

Book + CD




Product Code: SMB-CB
Author: Erika Paul
Publisher: Jazz Q Music

by Erika Paul

This interactive CD, Songbook with band instrument transpositions and coloring/drawing StoryBook received a 2006 Parents' Choice Award of Approval, the 2006 Children's Web Award for Best Recording For Older Children Ages 8 to 12 and A 2007 NAPPA Honors Award for Excellence.

It is a "music must have" for every private studio, classroom and family reference library. A winner of a 2006 Parents Choice Award of Approval, the 2006 Children's Web Award for Best Recording For Older Children Ages 8 to 12 and a 2007 NAPPA Honors Award winner through Parenthood Magazine, this fun, educational and entertaining hands-on interactive learning tool is perfect for easy use in the classroom as well as for family fun at home or in the car.

The CD contains 17 tracks of upbeat, danceable, play-a-long and sing-a-long children's jazz standards including 13 originals. The Songbook, over 100 pages, is a band teacher's dream with easy-to-read chord, melody and lyric leadsheets written in concert, Bb, Eb and bass clef transpositions. The coloring/drawing StoryBook is perfect for general elementary education, early music teachers and art teachers of K-3rd grades to introduce beginning jazz through lyric stories, song character coloring pages and blank pages for the budding young artist who yearns to draw their version of what the music suggests to them.

All three items of the jazz pack contain detailed suggestions on how to use the material successfully, including how to build the chords in order to successfully master leadsheet reading for the more advanced student as well as a suggested listening list to compliment further study. By the pieces individually, or save by buying all three.

"A nicely conceived introduction to jazz for young and old....music teachers should be able to pull pearls from this collection" ....John Wood, Kidzmusic Review

"A general music delight very well worth the price"....Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr. Senior Columnist for the Jazz Educators Journal