Special Studies for Trumpet






Product Code: SST
Author: John Daniel
Publisher: John Daniel
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-08109-0
UPC-A: 9780578081090

After 15 years of research and revisions, John Daniel, Professor of Trumpet at Lawrence University, presents his method, "Special Studies for Trumpet." The exercises in this book are designed to be adaptable to any proficiency level from student to professional. They are designed to be useful for any type of player, regardless of pedagogical history or musical persuasion. Concepts are presented in a fresh and thoughtful way. He takes fundamental ideas and makes them exciting and challenging. Some of the topics discussed include relaxation/efficiency strategies, mouthpiece buzzing studies, breath articulation studies, flexibility studies, multiple tongue and advanced single tongue studies, diatonic and non-diatonic scale studies, interval studies and much more! A valuable addition to the trumpet pedagogy and a must-have for all serious students!