Three-Note Voicings and Beyond








Product Code: TNVB
Author: Randy Vincent
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-13: 978-1-88321-766-2
ISBN-10: 1-883217-66-0
Publisher SKU: 180
UPC-A: 9781883217662

A complete guide to three-note jazz guitar voicings and related topics for everyone from intermediate newcomers to jazz guitar up to very advanced players. The book develops a unique "dynamic" concept of harmony where three independently moving lines team up to create beautiful harmonies that are valuable for comping, chord melodies and chordal jazz improvisations. Topics include:

• Three-note "shell" voicings and special derived comp voicings

• Compete triad review including all close and open inversions on all strings

• A section on developing "walking" guitar voicings, harmonized bass lines perfect for accompaniment in situations where no bass or keyboard is present

• Sections on triad applications such as "slash" chords, Upper Structures, hexatonic triad-pairs and special "hybrid" voicings

• Quartal and Secundal voicings perfect for modal comping and soloing

• Drop-2 reductions perfect for melody harmonizations

• Envious of pianists using lush "Shearing" style block chords? Here's a complete method to develop a realistic simulation on guitar.

• Plus much more! Hundreds and hundreds of examples in both music notation and guitar grids.


"Randy Vincent is an extraordinary musician who also happens to play the guitar. With this book, he gives a real life approach to voicing chords on the instrument that will allow both the student and the professional a clear way to illuminate harmonies in the most sensible and transparent way. With almost every student I have had I have stressed the issue of getting the most mileage out of the least notes whenever possible. This book lays it out in clear and concise terms.” — Pat Metheny

"What a great book! Randy Vincent has given us a huge amount of material we guitar players can use when we're listening and reacting to what's going on around us. This is so practical---and so rare! Thanks, Randy!” — Jim Hall

"This book is full of essential information for jazz guitarists at any level. It's beautifully put together. Very logical and easy to understand. A wonderful book.” — Mike Stern

"I can't imagine a more thorough, organized approach to three-note voicings. This book will be an invaluable asset to any serious student of jazz guitar.” — Ben Monder

"Looks like another winner....I look forward to using this with my students....Congrats.” — Vic Juris

"An absolutely necessary book for the aspiring jazz guitarist.” — Mark Levine

"One of the most difficult but gratifying aspects of guitar performance is to be able to go beyond single line playing and involve melodic and harmonic improvising, simultaneously. These studies open the door, and are a foundation for this total kind of creativity.” — Gene Bertoncini

"This book is amazing. It shines a light on the incredible potential of 3-note voicings, and their ability to imply the most colorful and vivid harmonic landscapes. Randy illuminates the path of discovery in the most natural and eloquent way, guiding you into how to practice and implement these concepts in real life musical scenarios. I consider the topics explored in this book to be the foundation of how I like to look at harmony on the guitar. From triad pairs to the way he discusses harmonizing melodies, I feel Randy offers the finest and most comprehensive course for the modern guitarist. Thank you Randy!” — Julian Lage