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VOLUME 21 - GETTIN' IT TOGETHER - Book/download audio tracks

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Product Code: V21DS
Author: Jamey Aebersold
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
Series: Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Long
ISBN-13: 978-1-56224-176-6
ISBN-10: 1-56224-176-1
UPC-A: 635621000216

When in their teens, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, J J Johnson and many others would have loved to practice and solo with these tracks because they are THOROUGH, COMPREHENSIVE and extremely important in developing jazz skills. “Getting’ It Together” is where it’s at for playing JAZZ.

For all musicians regardless of ability! If you use this set with Volume 1, you will have a solid foundation to meet any new challenge. This set covers major, minor (dorian, harmonic and melodic), dominant 7th, half-diminished, lydian and sus. 4. It also has a very slow blues in F and one in Bb. 31 different tracks with a lot of variety, including root movements that are 1,2,and 4 bars each and move up/down chromatically, in tritones, around the circle of fourths, and randomly. Audio tracks have been recently extended to allow more practice time without interruption.

Rhythm Section: Jamey Aebersold (p); Steve Rodby or John Goldsby (b); Mike Hyman or John Clay (d)


Major and Sus. 4*
Major and Parallel Minor
Major, Minor, Major, Dom. 7
Dominant 7th*
Dominant 7th with b9*
Dominant 7th*
Dominant 7th*
Dominant 7th (#17 in Book)*
Minor (Dorian) (#18 in Book)
Minor (Dorian) (#19 in Book)
Minor (Dorian) (#20 in Book)
Minor (Dorian) (#21 in Book)
Minor (Dorian) (#22 in Book)
Minor (Dorian) (#23 in Book)
Minor (Dorian) (#24 in Book)*
Lydian (#25 in Book)*
Sus 4 (#26 in Book)*
Major and Minor (#27 in Book)*
Half-Diminshed (#28 in Book)*
Minor with Major 7 (#29 in Book)*
F Blues (#30 in Book)
Bb Blues (#31 in Book)