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Product Code: V91DS
Author: Jamey Aebersold
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
Series: Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Long
ISBN-13: 978-1-56224-250-3
ISBN-10: 1-56224-250-4
UPC-A: 635621000919

The following is based on a true story. Only the names, dates, places, facts, and circumstances have been changed.

Vol. 91 “Player’s Choice!”
Jazz up your 'repeat'-oire

After last weekend’s fiasco* with the singer and all the weird keys, Mr Horn decided he'd take charge of this gig (with all different musicians) right out of the gate and recapture some of his lost mojo from the week before.

Standing just off stage, he began his warm up. His fingers ablaze, he began reeling off furious and flurrious riffs of, well, just about every lick he knew. "That should wake 'em up" he thought to himself, as he strode confidently onto the bandstand to call the first tune.

The pianist whispered "How about Satin Doll?"

"Nah. Hmmm... I know; how about 'Azule Serape'"?

As the eyebrows of the band raised en masse, the inevitable rifling through various fake books began. Throughout, he remained cool, confident, and without sheet music.

“Cool tune,” said the bassist as she located the correct page and adjusted her music stand. “Great call” echoed the pianist, impressed with Mr Horn’s extensive repertoire.

His evil plan was working. As they sight-read awkwardly from their fake books, he exuded supreme competence as he masterfully navigated the somewhat obscure, but well-loved, jazz standard by heart.

When it was over, the bassist commented “Wow. You sounded great. You been wood sheddin' it?”

“Whaaaaaa? Who, me? Nah, I just hear this music, sister. I just hear it!”

Not completely convinced, she responded “Oh, you just hear it, do you? OK, let's see if you can hear this. Let’s play.....‘Beatrice’!”

And so, the gauntlet was tossed, the challenge submitted. Game on!

“A Sam Rivers tune." He mused out loud. "Sweet. Count it off.”

Surprised and impressed, she kicked it off and Mr. Horn dove in with amazing skill and conviction. What an impressive start to the night! Two great but lesser played tunes in a row, both aptly executed, have helped him nudge his street cred, so badly tarnished the week before. He's beaten off the hounds of suspicion for now, and no one is the wiser. He's just enough steps ahead that today won't be the day he gets caught. How did he pull off such a complete turnaround from the weekend before?

By practicing with Jamey Aebersold’s Vol. 91 “Player’s Choice” play-a-long! That’s how!!!

It's a fact - the longer you've played, the more your repertoire begins to resemble a "repeat"-oire; same old songs, same old styles, same old tempos, gig after gig. When “Days of Wine And Roses” and other bandstand-ards start getting stale, call a cool but infrequently played gem. Inject new life into your “repeat”-toire, impress your friends, and sound great!

*See Vol. 67 "Tune Up" for the whole story!

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Intermediate/Advanced. A collection of excellent tunes well-known to jazz fans and musicians because they have been played and recorded so often. Presented here is a nice assortment of forms and harmonies. Many of these songs, written by jazz musicians for jazz musicians, will become your personal favorites.

Rhythm Section: Mark Levine (p); Rufus Reid (b); Barry Ries (d)


Azule Serape
Blue Daniel
Dear Old Stockholm
You Know I Care
As A Child Is Born
On A Slow Boat To China
Limehouse Blues (slow version)
Bernie's Things
Our Delight
Limehouse Blues (fast version)