The Vocal Warm Up Cd For Men - By Ellen Johnson






Product Code: VWUM
Author: Ellen Johnson
Publisher: Vocal Visions

A series of exercises for warming up your voice along with a basic ear training section. Great for keeping your voice in good shape and preparing you for productive practice and peak performance.

The CD has seventeen vocal exercises designed to give you the maximum warm up for your voice range in preparation for more demanding singing or to help keep your voice in shape on a daily basis. The CDs are divided into Male and Female low and high voice versions with an ear training section that follows. There is a booklet enclosed that explains all of the exercises, their purpose and each exercise is demonstrated by a singer on the CD to make it simple to use.

No lengthy explanations, just good solid examples to follow and then sing along with piano accompaniment. Also included is an ear training section to help you develop better pitch, recognition of notes, musical patterns and chords. You will find that your musicianship skills will increase over time by listening to the exercises and identifying what you are singing.