625 Alive: The Wes Montgomery BBC Performance Transcribed






Product Code: WBBC
Author: Tim Fitzgerald
Publisher: Tim Fitzgerald Music
ISBN-13: 978-0982199909
ISBN-10: 0982199902

“[A]n ultimate study of Wes Montgomery’s music… Highly recommended.” - Just Jazz Guitar magazine, November 2009

On March 25, 1965, guitarist Wes Montgomery led his quartet into London’s BBC studios to perform for the TV show Jazz 625. Already known to the jazz community as a groundbreaking guitarist, Wes was at the top of his form, and, seemingly effortlessly, recorded one of the greatest jazz performances ever captured on film.

625 Alive: The Wes Montgomery BBC Performance Transcribed is the definitive transcription of the music created on that day. It contains all of Wes’ melodies and improvisations, including intros, solos, shout choruses and tags. Also included are a detailed harmonic and aesthetic analysis of each solo, insight in to Wes’ unique technique and fingering, and an interview with the band’s pianist, Harold Mabern.

Note: The music transcribed in this book is from Wes’ performance on the BBC show Jazz 625. This concert is available on DVD on Vestapol’s Legends of Jazz Guitar Volumes 1 and 2.

Wes’ performances on the Jazz Icons DVD will be available shortly in a second book.

About the author:

Tim Fitzgerald is one of the most active guitarists in Chicago. For a sample of his music, please see his website: Tim-Fitzgerald.com or his myspace page.

From the biographies for 2008’s Gene Harris Coming Home, Coming Together concert in Benton Harbor, MI:

“Guitarist Tim Fitzgerald’s love of jazz comes through with every note he plays. Though Tim is well-versed in many styles of music, he remains connected to the jazz tradition through his performances with Von Freeman at Chicago’s Cultural Center, with Dennis Charles in New York, and with his studies with piano great Barry Harris. Tim has performed throughout the country in many different venues, including the Luxor in Las Vegas, the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, Chicago’s Green Mill and Chicago’s House of Blues. Television appearances include PBS’s “Art Beat Chicago” and 2007’s ABC/Channel 7 New Year’s Rock N Roll Ball. Tim also appeared on the soundtrack for the Sony motion picture, “The Myth of Fingerprints,” starring Roy Scheider, Julianne Moore, and Noah Wyle. In 2001, Tim was a first alternate for the Kennedy Center Jazz Ambassadors. Tim is also a teacher of jazz and author. His book, “625 Alive: The Wes Montgomery BBC performance Transcribed,” is now available.”

Album Contents:

  • All the tunes from the Jazz 625 concert: Yesterdays, Jingles, ‘Round Midnight (solo and cadenza only), Twisted Blues, Full House, West Coast Blues
  • Intros, melodies, solos, shout choruses and tags
  • Guitar tablature as well as standard notation for all songs and examples.
  • 79 pages, heavyweight paperback, glossy cover
  • Photographs by renowned jazz photographer Lee Tanner
  • Historic interview with Harold Mabern
  • Detailed analysis of each song and solo
  • Full licensing. Wes’ name and image are used by permission of the Wes Montgomery estate. Wes Montgomery compositions are used with permission of Taggie Music Co.