MOON FROM THE EAST - Big Band Arrangement






Product Code: JLP-8850
Author: Arranged by Tadd Dameron
Publisher: Jazz Line Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-8850

In 1962 Tadd Dameron was commissioned by Benny Goodman to arrange a number of pieces for an upcoming tour of Russia. Tadd turned out several great arrangements including Swift as the Wind, Our Delight, Good Bait, On a Misty Night, and this arrangement of Moon from the East. As far as we know this arrangement wasn't recorded and possibly never performed. The setting for the arrangement is a Middle Eastern feel with a fitting melody. The arrangement was written to feature Goodman as a soloist on top of the band. In keeping with our other Tadd Dameron arrangements, we have scored the solo clarinet part into the band so that it is playable with a standard big band lineup. Reed 1 is on clarinet throughout. Reed 2 is on alto saxophone and flute, reed 3 is on flute and tenor saxophone, reed 4 is on clarinet and tenor saxophone, and reed 5 is on baritone throughout. There is no solo section on this.

* Trumpet 1 to E6
* Trombone 1 to Ab4

1. Full Score
2. Clarinet
3. Alto Saxophone (Doubles Flute)
4. 2 Tenor Saxophones (1 doubles clarinet, 2 doubles flute)
5. Baritone Saxophone
6. 4 Trumpet
7. 3 Trombones
8. Guitar
9. Piano
10. Bass
11. Drums