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So It Begins! (Part 3)

Chromaticism For those who are unaware, chromaticism means moving using half step intervals.  Because the Chromatic Scale contains all twelve notes, there is only one Chromatic Scale.  The shapes outlined on page 51 are moveable and still have a “tonic.” For instance, a “C” Chromatic Scale would contain the same pitches as a “G” Chromatic

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So It Begins! (Part 2)

I’ve been practicing with the first set of exercises in Volume 1 for Guitar, and I’m feeling pretty good about them.  I’ve been using the Dorian Minor scale shapes to improvise with the play-a-long tracks, and it’s sounding alright, if I do say so myself.  But on page 42, we move into a scale that

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So It Begins! (Part 1)

As with any good story, this one starts at the beginning.  Specifically, Volume 1 for Jazz Guitar.  This book was written by Jamey Aebersold and was adapted for the guitar by Corey Christiansen.  It incorporates guitar diagrams and tablature as well as standard musical notation. I have been a musician and played guitar for some

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