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Composer Phillip Keveren Brings JS Bach Into The Jazz Age

Composer Phillip Keveren Brings JS Bach Into The Jazz Age

Composer/pianist/teacher Phillip Keveren, who earned musical pedigrees from Cal State U and the University of Southern California, was driven to re-interpret the fugues and cantatas of Bach into jazz. Why, one may ask? Phillip says to blame it on the Swingle Singers.

 This early acapella group from the 1960s “sang” the classics. “They captured my imagination,” says Phillip. He decided to blend Bach and bop.

Have you always ‘heard’ classical through a jazz lens?
I have always loved jazz, and when I listen to classical music I am especially drawn to the harmonic progressions and colors.

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Bob Bernotas

The Unmuted Bob Bernotas

Bob Bernotas might not be a jazzy household name, but he’s been writing about the genre for many years. With a successful monthly newsletter and as the host of a show by the same name on an East Coast college radio station, he’s dabbled in clarinet and sax but holds a soft spot for the trombone. In fact, Bernotas owns a Conn that was played in the Count Basie Orchestra.

His online newsletter is available free to subscribers ( The content is mostly music with a substantial dose of politics and baseball thrown in. Readers will notice a particular penchant for Sinatra.

Bernotas is the author of Reed All About It: Interviews and Master Classes with Jazz’s Leading Reed Players and Top Brass: Interviews and Master Classes with Jazz’s Leading Brass Players.

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Morgan Monceaux: Jazz Artist

A very cool cat with an inborn jazz sensibility, Morgan Monceaux is the author of several books about the cultural and art experience of black America. In 1994 he wrote “Jazz: My Music, My People” to introduce children to jazz. His illustrations fly off the page with their jewel-tone vibrancy and uniqueness. Monceaux also adds

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Jazz In The Pocono Mountains

Maybe at one time the Pocono Mountains were renowned for those heart-shaped bathtubs – a honeymoon heaven and all that – but did you know the jazz scene there is absolutely going strong and had its roots in musicians “just passing through” or straight off their NYC gigs? It’s true. And the hub of jazz

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