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You Never Know

CalendarApril 17, 2018
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During one of the Jam Sessions at my Carnegie Center exhibit, we had about 45 or so people at the jam and about 12 people sat in. One adult sax guy, probably in his sixties from Cookeville, TN drove up with his saxes to jam with us. He then spent time upstairs at the exhibit and said that this was the best day of his life! He came to the Summer Jazz Workshops way back in the seventies at IU.

Another time, a gentleman stopped by the exhibit after seeing the sign outside and came in. He told the curator that his son uses my Play-A-Longs. It was suggested that he bring his wife in and look around. They stayed for 2.5 hours.

You just never know …

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    Jamey Aebersold

    Jamey is a internationally-known saxophonist and authority on jazz education and improvisation. Jamey has been a driving force in America's native art form, Jazz, and continues to kindle the fires of musical imagination in those with whom he comes in contact.

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