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From Jack Grassel, Guitarist

When I was studying with Tal Farlow at his house from 1992 – 1997, he always had some of Jamey’s Play-A-Longs going when I would come over for a lesson. Sometimes he would be just listening to them as background music while he did chores silently. I think he would be soloing in his head while doing the dishes, etc. I started doing that too after I saw him do it. Then you can create lines in your head that would not be limited by one’s technical level on the instrument. After practicing with a Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Long in your head without an instrument, when you go back to playing with it on an instrument, a different place is reached and physical cliches are left behind.

By Jamey Aebersold

Jamey is a internationally-known saxophonist and authority on jazz education and improvisation. Jamey has been a driving force in America's native art form, Jazz, and continues to kindle the fires of musical imagination in those with whom he comes in contact.

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I think the fifth sentence should be “Then you could create lines in your head that would NOT be limited by one’s technical level on the instrument.” (The word “not” is missing from Jack Grassel’s post. I believe that is an omission that should be corrected.)

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