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How To Practice

  Playing music is a skill and an art.  Practicing music is also a skill and an art.  Practicing is so important because it affects almost every aspect of one’s musical study and performance.  No matter what teachers you have, which albums you listen to, or which books you read, practicing is on you.  Now,

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The Lobster Theory

The Lobster Theory is Greg Fishman’s latest book, using eighteen of his greatest analogies to describe different elements of jazz music theory.  The illustrations are done by notable artist Mick Stevens, who has been an illustrator for the New Yorker for over thirty years. As Greg Fishman says, Many of the analogies are lighthearted and

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R.E.D. on Jazz

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What is R.E.D. on Jazz?” If my title got you this far, it has indeed done it’s good work.  R.E.D. is an acronym I created, it stands for Really Excellent Dissertation.  Many people may think of a dissertation as a thesis written for a doctorate program.  Which, of course,

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