MPE350 Mixpack Express: Ultra-Portable Powered PA System

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Product Code: 122022
Publisher: Alto Professional
Series: inMusic Brands
UPC-A: 884088949754

The 350 Watt MIXPACK Express is one of three PA systems in the MIXPACK line, along with the 600 Watt MIXPACK and 1000 Watt MIXPACK Pro. Being the lightest and most portable of all MIXPACK PAs has its advantages. There simply isn't an easier, more affordable way to get this much clean power, mixing and Alesis DSP effects in one place. It takes only a few minutes from the time you bring MIXPACK Express into the venue, to the time the gig powers on, and power on it will.

Features include:

• 350 Watts of continuous power

• Lightweight, one-piece design for convenient transport

• Two 10″ speakers with cables included

• Built-in mixer with seven-band graphic EQ and XLR, line and RCA inputs

• Integrated Alesis DSP with 24-bit effects including reverb, delay and chorus

Width: 18.0" Length: 39.0"