Forward Motion

Paperback Book

Paperback Book






Product Code: FM
Author: Hal Galper
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-10: 1883217415
Publisher SKU: 149

by Hal Galper

A Corrective Approach to Jazz Phrasing, Hal has been teaching the subject of "forward motion" for many years to students worldwide. "Right" notes will only get you so far.

Forward Motion, the concept of beat/note placement, will give your phrases a sense of logical flow and natural resolution. This is a concept understood for hundreds of years by some of the greatest classical composers and, more recently, by jazz legends.

Like the concept itself, Hal's writing style is forward moving and logical, making a potentially difficult concept easy to grasp and understand.

A new idea in Jazz publishing, this book will perpetually grow and expand because all the exercises and play along tracks (about 300 right now) are web-based, so the author will be continually editing and adding. Nearly 200 sprial bound pages. NOTE: The Myriad plus-in has been discontinued and not necessary to access the examples in the Table Of Contents. Enter the URL in the “A Note To The Reader” page into your browser to connect to the on-line table of contents.


"Some ingenious ideas throughout. Even glancing at this book will generate new ideas for improvisers at any level.”
— Dave Liebman

"Musical examples and exercises are geared to alter a student's basic perception of rhythm, melody and harmony. Students are then encouraged to use the book as a starting point for creating their own exercises ...Takes intermediate and advanced improvisers to new heights. And it may very well foreshadow the next generation of jazz methods.”
— Jazz Education Journal

"Respected pianist and educator Hal Galper has come up with the 'Unified Field Theory' in Music! It is well-written, conversational and easy to understand, avoiding complex 'textbookese'.”
— Saxophone Journal

"I cannot imagine that Forward Motion would not be considered an essential reference tool to any student, teacher, or performer seriously involved with practicing the fine art of jazz improvisation.”
— Todd Coolman

"My critical listening skills have gone through the roof! Forward Motion is undoubtedly the best method for understanding jazz, and arguably music in general, that I have ever experienced.”
— Darcy Hepner