The World's Greatest Fake Book






Product Code: JF
Author: Chuck Sher
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-10: 0-961470119
Publisher SKU: 102

The jazz players fakebook! Full of the greatest songs from the greatest musicians. You'll find yourself using it time and time again.

Songs and Artists included:
- Chick Corea (Tones for Joan's Bones, Humpty Dumpty, Sicily, Samba Song, Now He Sings, etc.)
- Herbie Hancock (Tell Me A Bedtime Story, Little One, Oliliqui Valley, Come Running To Me, etc.)
- Yellowjackets (Monmouth College Fight Song, Man In The Moon, Pass It On)
- Weather Report (A Remark You Made, Birdland, Young & Fine, Punk Jazz, Teen Town, etc)
- Art Blakey (One By One, This is for Albert, Children Of The Night, Lester Left Town, Thermo)
- McCoy Tyner (Fly With The Wind, Peresina, Senor Carlos, Aisha, In Search Of My Heart, etc)
- John Scofield (Rough House, Looks Like Meringue, Spoons, V, The Beatles, Aileron, Cassidae)
- Bobby Hutcherson (Highway One, I Wanna Stand Over There, The Littlest One Of All, etc.)
- Freddie Hubbard (The Love Connection, Neo Terra, Povo, One Of A Kind)
- Manhattan Transfer (On The Boulevard, Nothing You Can Do About It, Twilight Tone, etc.)
- Jim Hall (Romaine, Young One, Osaka Express, All Across The City, Blue Dove)
- Jimmy Heath (A Sassy Samba, A New Blue, Big P, A Sound For Sore Ears)
- Richie Beirach (October 10th, Leaving, Stray, Dark Lady)
- George Cables (Quiet Fire, Ebony Moonbeams, Think On Me, Secrets Of Love)
- George Duke (Brazilian Love Affair, Love Reborn, Festival, Someday, Daisy Mae, Lemme At It)
- Bill Evans (Elsa, Sareen Jurer, Twelve Tone Tune, Tomato Kiss, The Peacocks)
- John Coltrane (Resolution, Pursuance, Straight Street, Freight Trane)
- And many others!!

Used and endorsed by Chick Corea, George Cables, Jazz Educators Journal, Mike Nock, Jon Hendricks, and many others.