Odd Times: Uncommon Etudes for Uncommon Time Signatures






Product Code: OT
Author: Darius Brubeck & Mike Rossi
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 9783954810208
Publisher SKU: 14279
UPC-A: 805095142792

Coming Soon! Available late February 2015. One of the most popular tunes of all time is Take Five. Musicians know that it's the 5/4 time that makes it swing. Since Dave Brubeck, more and more musicians have devoted themselves to playing in odd metres. This volume by Mike Rossi and Darius Brubeck enables both beginners and professionals to get into the world of 5/4 and 11/8. The reader can learn more about the origin of this fascinating music and is provided with practical tips as well as numerous etudes for all melodic instruments.


• Etudes for all keys and with jazz scales
• Rhythm concepts for all meters
• Tips for improvisation