Coordination for Trombone Playing - Trilingual Version






Product Code: 03110
Author: Bart van Lier
Publisher: Advance Music
UPC-A: 805095031102

Trilingual version - German, French, Dutch.

For improvement of technical facility, endurance, range, flexibility, sound and expression; for jazz and classical and commercial players.

"Bart van Lier's new studies on embouchure maintenance are the most important contribution to the art of brass playing since the teachings of Carmine Caruso. Congratulations Bart!"
- Bill Watrous

"The ultimate book for solving the ever-present problems facing every trombonist; of coordination of embouchure, breath and slide movement. A must for every serious student of the trombone!"
- Carl Fontana

"In all my years of playing and teaching I have rarely seen such excellent material so clearly conceived and accurately presented. Bravo Bart!"
- Jiggs Whigham