Exercises, Etudes and Concert Pieces for Violin

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Book w/CD




Product Code: 06800
Author: Gregor Huebner
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-10: 3-89221-099-3
Publisher SKU: 06800
Instrumentation: Violin

The main reason for me having written Exercises, Etudes and Concert Pieces is to add different material to the portfolio of the improvising violinist including new techniques, lines, and rhythmic patterns in harmonic settings as well as open settings.

Classical skills are often missing in the Jazz Violin field. For that I applied classical techniques and brought them into a Jazz context. Part I is a guide how to practice a scale and be able to use it in your improvisations. The concert etudes and concert pieces are a collection of technical material that I use freely in my improvisations, so it’s not just exercises for practicing special techniques on the violin; I also show how to use these in compositions and improvisational material.

This book is not meant to be an all-inclusive guide or a pamphlet for the improvising string player. It is meant to open up the imagination of string players for new ways of playing their instrument and using these techniques in the context of solo or group improvisation.

All the great improvisers had one thing in common: They were able to develop their own language within the style of the music of the day.

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ISBN 3-89221-099-3


Etude #1
Etude #6
Etude #9
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