Clarinet Quartet - Eljen a Magyar






Product Code: 08441
Author: Johann Strauss, op. 332/arr. Peter Schubert
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 08441
UPC-A: 805095084412

3 Bb Clarinets, Eb Alto Clarinet (sub. Bb Clarinet 3), Basset Horn in F (sub. Bb Clarinet 3), Bb Bass Clarinet.

Actually, this arrangement arose from a predicament: When I started a clarinet quartet together with some fellow music teachers in the year 2006, we did not have on hand a sufficient number of pieces in our repertory suitable for the instrumentation of our ensemble. That’s the reason why we ourselves set to work ... and this is one of the results. The special attraction of this piece lies in its key changes - masterly employed by Johann Strauss - as well as in its melodic shape so rich in contrast: It starts off in a brisk and snappy fashion to finally turn very legato and melodious.