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Product Code: 117483
Publisher: GeerFab Acoustics
Series: Accessory
Publisher SKU: MZ2424BLK
UPC-A: 884088888169

RoomZorbers – Innovative Acoustical Treatment Products for Any Music Space

• Versatile, lightweight, portable, durable, easy to install broadband acoustic absorption at an affordable price!

• Not foam! No adhesive!

• Landmark, game-changing entry into the acoustic treatment market

Until now, buying acoustic treatment for home studios, project studios and rehearsal spaces meant buying acoustic foam and gluing it to walls and ceilings, installing expensive, heavy fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels, or attempting a time-consuming, often shabby-looking DIY solution with mail order fiberglass, fabric and mounting hardware.

Now, with RoomZorbers by GeerFab Acoustics, your room can be acoustically treated with a product that is the best of both worlds - the lightweight quality of foam with the acoustic horsepower of fiberglass, completely encapsulated in attractive, acoustically transparent nylon sailcloth.

MultiZorbers can be used for front and side walls and corner as corner bass traps and as ceiling absorbers.

The MultiZorber is the first RoomZorber product. Because of its unique mounting system, it can be hung in seconds on a wall, hung in a jiffy from the ceiling and mounted quickly in a corner to trap low frequencies – truly the Swiss Army Knife of acoustic products. And of course, it can just as easily be removed and is durable enough to be thrown in the car to take to another studio or recording environment.

• 2″ thick; 1.65 pcf (pounds per cubic foot) fiberglass, completely encapsulated by acoustically transparent nylon sailcloth

• True broadband absorption – NRC (noise reduction coefficient) 0.90 against a wall or ceiling and NRC 1.35 as a free-standing baffle (By comparison, 2″ foam has an NRC of only 0.80 and the MultiZorber is more than twice as effective at the lower frequencies of 125Hz and 250Hz)

• Lightweight (24″x48″ is only 2.25 lbs), low-cost alternative to foam and heavy 6-7 pcf fiberglass

• enhanced absorption options – can be easily offset 3″ from a wall and can be hung in free space as a baffle for additional sound absorption – try that with foam!

• Ease of installation – no adhesives, no impaling clips – a few simple screws

• Sleek look with rugged durability

• Class A fire-rated

• 100% made in the USA