Advanced Techniques for Bass in Brazilian Music






Product Code: ATB
Author: Gilberto de Syllos
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 9783892211129
ISBN-10: 3892211124
Publisher SKU: 15043
UPC-A: 805095150438
Instrumentation: String Bass

Bilingual text - English & Spanish.

"This book offers richely detailed basic and advanced instructions developed according to the highest of standards".
- Sizăo Machado

“Impressive technical virtuosity, extensive vocabulary of the Brazilian musical language and impeccable teaching…”
- Carlos Ezequiel

“This is a great contribution as much to the technical study of electric bass as to the study of Brazilian music.”
- Daniel Gohn

“Once again he has surprised us with the quality of the exercises, the clarity of the text and his high degree of knowledge of Brazilian music!”
- Mário Féres

“Gilberto de Syllos, beyond being a brilliant musician, has confirmed to us once again his excellence in succinctly and clearly organizing more than a century of Brazilian music.”
- Marcelo Onofri

Language: english & spanish


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