Basics in Jazz Arranging






Product Code: BIJA
Author: Paris Rutherford
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 9781480340695
ISBN-10: 1480340693
Publisher SKU: 118884
UPC-A: 884088903190
152 pages

Renowned educator and writer Paris Rutherford has adapted the text he used for over 30 years in teaching university-level arranging at one of the nation's most illustrious jazz schools. For anyone wanting to enter the exciting world of jazz arranging, this book is a must-have resource! Useful as a classroom teaching tool for beginning arrangers or as a self-study book, this clearly written and engaging text will get you off to a great start that will have players and audiences alike enjoying your music! Includes Rutherford's original compositions and small group charts, along with a CD that features both full performances and rhythm-section-only tracks for personal or group practice.