The Creative Drum Set Workshop






Product Code: CDS
Author: Roy Burns
Publisher: Kendor Music, Inc.
Series: Percussion Methods
Publisher SKU: 21151
UPC-A: 822795211511
Instrumentation: Drum Set

Written by one of the world’s most accomplished snare drum and drum set artists, Roy Burns shows you how to develop and improve your playing by applying written snare drum solos to the drum set. This will improve your speed and technique, facility at the drum set, time-keeping, sense of phrasing, as well as many other aspects of drumming. The book presents material in three sections: Section 1 - 6 Hand Development And Warm-Up Studies; Section 2 - 10 Contest Snare Drum Solos (grade 3-5); Section 3 - 12 Snare Drum Contest Solos With Drum Set Applications And Suggestions (grade 4-5).