Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar

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Product Code: CLJG
Author: Nef Irizarry II
Publisher: Sher Music Co.

The most comprehensive book ever written on Latin jazz guitar playing; from its roots in Afro-Cuban music to the great contemporary masters!

  • Traditional lines from the Tres, cuatro and requinto adapted to the guitar in the style of Arsenio Rodriguez, Yomo Toro, El Güero Gil, etc.
  • Piano adaptations and solutions for the guitar patterned after Bebo Valdes, Clare Fischer, Eddie Palmieri, etc.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to play guajeos, montunos and other Afro-Cuban styles on guitar
  • Transcription and analysis of key guitarists, composers and arrangers such as George Benson, Chico O’Farrill, Clare Fischer, Stan Appelbaum, Cal Tjader and La Playa sextet
  • Stylistic analysis of highly influential guitarists such as Juanito Marquez, Paul Alicea, Sonny Henry, Edgardo Miranda, Carlos Emilio Morales, Bobby Redfield, Carlos Santana and Steve Khan.
  • Transcriptions and analysis of jazz guitar greats playing Latin music, like Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Attila Zoller, Danny Embrey and Steve Khan. And much more!
  • Over 250 audio files of the author playing each exercise! 196 pages.

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    Table of Contents
    Page 59 and Track 263
    Page 107 and Track 325

    Audio Samples

    Track 263 2-3 Son Clave #1
    Track 325 2-3 Son Clave Guajeo Octave and Intervals
    Track 349 “Todo lo que fuiste” 2-3 Son Clave Changes Montuno and Improvisation