Complete Modern Method for Trumpet or Cornet






Product Code: CMMT
Author: Dr. Charles Colin
Publisher: Charles Colin Publishing
Publisher SKU: CC1012

By Dr. Charles Colin, with sections by Aaron harris and Bob Nelson. A collection of method books, excercises, solos, embouchure and breath control studies, and duets directed to players at all levels of their development.


  • Melodious Fundamentals: A presentation of the fundamentals of trumpet playing - fingering, rhythmics, scales, keys, syncopation, phrasing - through the use of familiar melodies already a part of the student's memory.
  • 100 Original Warm-Ups: Progressing from intermediate to more advanced levels of difficulty, these studies take the student through long tones, lip slurs and trills, interval and flexibility excercises. Useful for players of all levels.
  • Artistic Etudes: Technically demanding etudes designed to develop a sense of style for solo performance. these studies challenge the player's endurance, tonguing and command and articulation, and all-around technical facility.
  • Advanced Daily Studies: This noted study book was originally published as "Daily Wam-ups with Vital Brass Notes" before revision by Dr. Colin. Purpose: To increase skills in transposition, buid stronger lip muscles, increase range and endurance and breath control and to develop skilled and secure finger and tongue coordination.
  • Breath Control: (Range and Endurance Developed Through Chromatic Technique). The title is self-explanatory; the excercises deal with scale studies, scale patterns, pulsations.
  • Trumpet Technical Studies: graded series of 16 studies designed to develop finger flexibily and tongue and finger coordination. The excercises are to be played in all keys and in a variety of articulations: legato, single, double and tripple tongue. From the patterns set forth in the studies, Dr. Colin has developed fifteen virtuosic etudes.
  • Lip Flexibilities Vol. 1-3: One of the most widely used trumpet study books, this series of outstanding excercises was developed to enhance range, flexibility, and endurance. The preface, by Dr. Colin, guides the player in preparing himself to play the studies. The studies are progressive in difficulty and take the student in moderate stages through basic warm-up procedures to excercises covering spreading intervals, expanding range, and lip trills.