Dad's Jazz






Product Code: DJ
Author: Rupert Hörbst
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-89221-116-7
Publisher SKU: 19300
UPC-A: 805095193008

What´s “Dad´s Jazz”? Portraits, songs, facts and, naturally, also stereotypes mainly borrowed from the field of rather traditional jazz, in other words from Dad´s days, made up the source Rupert Hörbst drew his inspiration from for his fifth cartoon book.

The author´s “abnormal” approach – which he already made use of in his previous publications - often serves as a suitable means to an end and, in this way, it may also open up “abnormal” perspectives.

Provided that you are endowed with a small portion of (self-)irony. This should by no means be interpreted as some sort of defamation; after all Rupert Hörbst loves jazz - and admires musicians - too much to resort to such measures.

“ Jazz is the joy of playing music…”, that´s what Leonard Bernstein once said. “Dad´s Jazz” stands for the author´s joy of playing around and is meant to be the beholder´s joy of contemplating – and maybe even smiling – but by no means defamation, after all Rupert Hörbst loves ... . – That´s “Dad´s Jazz”!