Harmonic Exercises for the Jazz Pianist






Product Code: HEJP
Author: Michael Cochrane
Publisher: Inner Search Music
ISBN-13: 978-0615114545
ISBN-10: 0615114547
Publisher SKU: NS13

Harmonic Exercises For The Jazz Pianist has been designed to give the student a firm foundation in jazz harmony. Exercises are provided for all of the basic triads and seventh chords. There are exericises for various chord voicings such as drop 2 and block chords. There is a section on harmonic approaches to the ii - V - I progression. It ends with a miscellaneous section which continues with various contemporary jazz piano voicings.

About the Author:

Michael Cochrane, pianist, composer, arranger and instructor has resided in the Tri-state area since 1974. He has worked and/or recorded with Eddie Gomez, Ted Curson, Michael Brecker, Oliver Lake, Sonny Fortune and many more. Mr. Cochrane has performed in clubs, concert halls and colleges throughout the United States. He has also performed extensively in Europe, Japan, The Phillipines, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Caribbean. Mr. Cochrane earned a BA degree from Boston University and a MA degree from New York University. He is currently a part-time instructor at New York University, Rutgers University and Princeton University. Mr. Cochrane has recorded seven CDs as a leader. His current CD is entitled: Footprints: Michael Cochrane Trio plays the Music of Wayne Shorter, on SteepleChase. He is currently performing with his trio and a cooperative quartet called: Lines of Reason.