Inner Drumming - Drumset Exercises for Developing Body/Mind Awareness

Paperback Book/DVD

Paperback Book/DVD






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Author: George Marsh
Publisher: Sher Music
ISBN-13: 978-1883217891
ISBN-10: 188321789X

The Value of “Inner Drumming”

All drummers need to practice their rudiments and the various styles of music in which they are involved. But there is another crucial aspect of music not covered by those efforts. George Marsh's landmark book, “Inner Drumming” gives you the missing ingredient: internal awareness of your body as you are playing.

• Develop a greater sense of mastery of your body and the drumset at the same time by learning to feel the energy flowing through all four of your limbs as you play.
• Beautifully-produced DVD inside the book clearly shows you how to practice each set of exercises in Inner Drumming.
• Increase relaxation and remove energy blockages to your personal musical expression by learning the process of “scanning” your four limbs as you play.
• Inspired by Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation, Inner Drumming guides you in the process of listening with your arms and legs. This allows both your body and your mind to be involved in the act of making music. You won't regret having discovered this unique approach to musical drumming!

About The Author:

World-class drummer and Modern Drummer columnist George Marsh has played and/or recorded with many of the great improvisors of the last fifty years including John Abercrombie, Joe Henderson, Jerry Garcia, Pauline Oliveros, Denny Zeitlin, Mose Allison, David Grisman, Andrew Hill, John Handy and many more.

Sample Endorsements:

This is a very deep study of movement — paths of energy from one limb to the other and how to make that work for you. I'm a huge fan of his work and approach.” — David Garibaldi

It was a door opener for me.” — Joey Baron

A system of practicing so that your hands and feet can more easily perform the musical ideas you are thinking. The result? More relaxed movement around the drums and more musical drumming.” — Roy Burns

George is one of the most organic and natural musicians I've ever had the pleasure to know and make music with. His book is a natural and free way of preparing yourself to be in the moment.” — John Abercrombie

You will begin to experience a new freedom — you are learning to ‘dance on the drums.’” — Jim Chapin

Thank you, George Marsh, for this deep and amazing book! You've been a huge influence and I hope to introduce your method to students at Berklee. I enjoyed practicing this book in the 1980's, and I'm looking forward to checking out the audio and video supplements. Thanks to Chuck Sher for publishing this book!” — Mark Walker