"Just Add" Beginning Play-Along Series - Twenty Easy Mega-Fun Songs for Trumpet






Product Code: JATP
Author: Michael Davis and Shari Feder
Publisher: Hip Bone Music
Series: Just Add
Publisher SKU: CHB020
Instrumentation: Trumpet

Bk/CD. Easy Contemporary Play-a-longs for beginning students. Includes 20 original melodies with hip electronic-based backgrounds to get students motivated about practicing. CD includes 2 tracks for each song; one track with a professional soloist (on your instrument) playing the tunes with the rhythm section and another track with the soloist removed.

Most melodies are whole, half, and quarter note based. Books are completely compatable with each other, so different combinations can play together from their respective books. Available for trumpet, trombone, french horn, or tuba.


Papa Gia
Snap Turtle