Jazz Basics - The Fundamentals of Improvisation For The Young Musician for Piano






Product Code: JBASS-PN
Publisher: Lorenz Corporation

This well-sequenced, step-by-step approach to improvisation is designed for use with the full jazz ensemble. Included are numerous exercises covering both even eighth note and swing eighth note styles, as well as units using B-flat and E-flat major scales; D, F and E-flat dorian scales and B-flat blues.

It effectively prepares students to progress to one of Jamey Aebersold's most important play along sets - Volume 1: Jazz: How to Play and Improvise. The improvisation is repertoire-based as each unit features a composition that focuses on and reinforces the concepts, skills and tonality introduced in that unit.

There is also a correlating series of performance music available. The score includes two CDs containing dozens of aural exercises and performance examples.

NOTE: If you intend to purchase only a single book for a particular instrument, it is highly recommended that you also purchase a complete score because it contains information NOT included in the separate books AND you get the 2 demonstration CDS which are not available separately.