Jazz Lead Guitar Solos - Book and CD






Product Code: JLGS
Author: Chris Buono
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780739031582
ISBN-10: 0739031589
Publisher SKU: 00-21956
UPC-A: 038081205748

Now with Play-along/Demo CD!

You know your scales, understand how to play over a chord progression, and learned enough music theory to fill an encyclopedia, but you still aren't satisfied with your solos. This book teaches jazz guitarists how to apply their knowledge of scales, chord progressions, and music theory towards creating great guitar solos.

Eight full-length solos in a variety of styles are studied in detail, including analysis of chord progressions and the material used to improvise over them, techniques, and structural characteristics. Styles range from classic standards and Gypsy jazz to Latin, modal and smooth jazz. The

The CD provides recordings of the author performing the solos in this book and the backing tracks for you to practice with. 96 pages.