The Bob Mover Jazz Lexicon







>Over 400 intervallic and diatonic patterns that will greatly improve your improvising (and composing)!
>Includes access to audio examples of each exercise, plus selected examples played by the author over standard chord progressions. Very helpful!
>Excellent for working on transposing skills and developing the ability to play in all keys and regions of your instrument.
>Also very useful for ear training and sight singing - for all instrumentalists and vocalists!

This book is extraordinary! It is a comprehensive, detailed volume of melodic patterns, useful to not only improvisers and composers but to all musicians, regardless of style. It can help set you free to use your musical imagination and get you past just playing licks. This book is a 'must have' for all serious musicians.”
— David Sanborn

Bob, this is fantastic! So much material to digest. This is an incredible tool for jazz improvisers in that it provides many different ways to get from point A to point B and all points in between. The patterns and sequences contained in this book are definitely based on improvisatory language and phrasing. I can barely wait to explore this incredible book!”
— Kenny Barron

Bob Mover has created a monumental theoretical contribution to the literature of jazz music.”
— Tom Harrell

Bob Mover is at the top of the Alto Saxophone pantheon; yet, despite many great recordings and gigs he never quite got the recognition he surely deserves. However, he is certainly recognized by fellow musicians and the truly hip cognoscenti (!) so hopefully this book of phrases and ideas from his unique mind will help to change all that. I trust this book will always be sitting on your music stand, or on the desktop of your computer; that you will partake of the myriad of ideas presented here daily, and that your playing and overall musicianship will attain levels you haven't yet imagined.”
— Randy Brecker

You have gone past our old friend Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns by Nicolas Slonimsky, which I've used extensively. Your Lexicon is a useful book of study for all musicians, no matter what their level or instrument. I find it to be the most up-to-date musical tool for teaching. Bravo!”
— Kirk Lightsey

Everyone is looking for hip lines and vocabulary to practice. Mover's book will give you enough for a lifetime. Thanks, Bob.”
— Jerry Bergonzi

I love it… it makes me think in a different way and gets me back to practicing! P.S. I hope that's enough… if not, I will say it a half step higher!!!”
— Eddie Daniels

Bob is one of my biggest influences. When he plays you feel his connection to the source. Within the lexicon of jazz education material, his Lexicon is most welcome! Its format and the way it is laid out invites creativity. It is much more than a dry book full of patterns. Looking forward to spending lots of time with this!”
— Rick Margitza

I highly recommend Jazz Lexicon by Bob Mover to anyone interested in jazz music, whether you're a student or a professional musician. As a jazz educator, Bob has distilled his decades of experience into this comprehensive collection of hundreds of licks and patterns that are both accessible and challenging. The book is organized in a clear and logical way, making it easy to navigate and find inspiration for your playing. Bob's passion for jazz music and his deep understanding of the language shines through in every page of his Jazz Lexicon. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their jazz improvisation skills.”
— Dave Kikoski

Back in my student days I had the great good fortune to study with Bob Mover. His practical wisdom as a teacher and his deeply personal voice on his instrument made a huge impression on me. Now, in writing The Bob Mover Jazz Lexicon, he has given others the opportunity to benefit from his insights into how to practice jazz. This book goes deep into how to construct lines over chord changes in ways that can benefit beginners or professional level players. There is a gold mine of information here. A must-have book for any serious student of jazz.”
— David Berkman

I first met Bob Mover in 1967 when we were both fifteen-year-olds studying with Phil Woods. Since then, Bob has had an illustrious career playing, studying, and hanging with some of the greatest musicians in jazz history. This book is a result of his incredible experience. I'm thrilled to be endorsing this wonderful compilation of his ideas and look forward to applying them to my own continuing studies.”
— Roger Rosenberg