It's Not On The Page!






Product Code: NOP
Author: Stephanie Nakasian
Publisher: Stephanie Nakasian
ISBN-13: 9780971727007
ISBN-10: 0-9717270-0-7
Instrumentation: Vocal

A guide for teachers, students & professional singers to help interpret "what's on the page" and make it swing!

What's Inside:

• Find out why an 8th note is not an 8th note
• Find out when a quarter note is not a quarter note
• Whare are the 'hidden' rests?
• What syllables do I choose for scat singing?
• How do I start to 'learn' to improvise?
• Examples of 're-composed' standards
• Phrasing and rhythm exercises
• Rehearsal techniques
• Listening assignments
• A sample CD with practice exercises

"All musicians (singers and instrumentalists) will sharpen their rhythm skills through this instruction." Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr. Jazz Educators Journal (IAJE)