Rhythmic Concept For Funk/Fusion Drums






Product Code: RCFD
Author: Peter O'Mara and Christian Lettner
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 13011
UPC-A: 805095130119

This book/CD set features 16 challenging original tunes in Funk/Fusion style by renowned Australian guitarist Peter O´Mara. Christian Lettner adds his ideas on musical interpretation to give the aspiring drummer an insight into creative process from a professional´s point of view. The tunes cover a variety of tempos and grooves and are presented using a real rhythm section: Patrick Scales, Christian Lettner and Peter O´Mara (from Klaus Doldinger´s "Passport")

The audio play-along tracks are presented in an order of increasing complexity. CD 1 contains complete recordings of all instruments so that you can hear each instrument working together. CD 2 omits all drum tracks so that you can playalong with the rhythm section and also create your own drum grooves. Midifiles of all compositions are also included.

Also available are editions for guitar, by Peter, and bass, by Peter O´Mara and Patrick Scales. The books are fully compatible and can be used in a combo setting.


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