The Blues Scale for Flute - Bk/CD

Book W/CD

Book W/CD




Product Code: TBS-FL
Author: Andrew D. Gordon
Publisher: ADG Productions
Series: Educational Books
Publisher SKU: ADG157
Instrumentation: Flute

The book consists of 20 grooves:

Pop 2 Grooves
Rock 3 Grooves
Blues 2 Grooves
Jazz 1 Groove
Funk 3 Grooves
R&B 1 Groove
Latin 1 Groove
Gospel 2 Grooves
New Age 1 Groove
Reggae 1 Groove
Calypso 1 Groove
Acid-Jazz 1 Groove
Country 1 Groove

Both the Blues scale and relative minor Blues scale are explained in detail and how they are used either separately or together in the patterns for each style, (the relative minor Blues scale is generally not used in minor keys.) Each of the 20 grooves in this book contains over 150 patterns in total, using notes solely from the blues scale. Each of the 20 grooves utilizes a chord progression that is commonly used for that style of music. The patterns generally start off fairly simply and become more complex as the groove progresses.

The audio files contain recordings of all the blues patterns that are notated in the book recorded along with a rhythm section of piano, organ, guitar, bass and drums and on certain grooves percussion. Also included are extended 2-3 minute play-a-long mp3 files of all 20 grooves enabling you to practice playing the blues patterns or creating your own for an extended period of time. MIDI files are also available.


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